By building “sustainable communities” we mean improving the social, economic and environmental circumstances of all local people and communities across the country.

Many of the challenges are common across all areas and there is great potential for sharing knowledge, experience and successful projects widely.

For decades social and economic trends have been drifting away from local control and interest, towards a more globalised economy and centralised power structures. While recent developments towards more decentralisation of political power, and recognition that in many ways “ordinary people” are not getting a fair deal from big business, and others, are welcome – we are a very long way from the balanced, fair and sustainable world that the majority of citizens would wish for.

Community Works addresses a wide spectrum of challenges facing local people and communities and collaborates with many social, public and private partners with similar culture and aspirations to support activities that help build stronger, locally controlled infrastructure including energy/utility services, banking, housing and transport.


Supporting local people to build stronger and more sustainable local communities